Mai Luong

Managing Director

Mai is the friendly but professional face of Au Lac Designs, leading our team to ensure that our clients’ dreams are bought to life.

Working directly with the Artisans to create bespoke designs for clients, Mai manages the project from conception to delivery with the objective of providing our clients with a worry-free experience.

As a single mother, Mai knows the importance of helping other women to be entrepreneurial and financially independent. She is dedicated to ensuring Au Lac Designs can fulfill this vision!

Huong Bui

Production Manager


 Huong has been with Au Lac for more than ten years, entrusted to ensure that client orders are manufactured with the exact quality required.

Huong considers each new design from the perspective of the production team and provides her invaluable insight. Her creativity and extensive production experience often simplifies the process while ensuring products are always produced beautifully.

Hong Truong

Sample Development

Hong joined Au Lac seven years ago with no experience in sample development.

With her creative mind and fearless approach to learning new things, Hong has become outstanding in her quest to develop just the right samples for our clients.