Our mission at Au Lac is to bring your designs to life, provide you with a worry-free experience, and create job opportunities for Vietnamese artisans while nurturing the traditional craft villages of Vietnam. 

Au Lac Designs started in 1998 as an income generation project in rural Vietnam. We began working in economically depressed areas to help develop local abilities and increase sustainable employment.

We found that Vietnamese artisan groups were highly skilled in designing and producing handmade items across a wide range of materials and applications. By working with the artisans to execute our clients’ designs in the USA and Europe, we have produced many high quality products suitable for both markets while increasing employment opportunities. Our role is to bring the artisan’s traditional skills to the market while adapting the artisanal skills to modern designs.
Twenty five years later, we are still working with the traditional craft villages of Vietnam, assisting young artisans to remain in their villages, set up their workshops, and develop their traditional artistic talents. 

Au Lac has been developing client-exclusive design collections with small, medium, and large retail, wholesale, and catalogue clients across the USA and Europe featuring handcrafted Vietnamese artisanal products for decades. When requested, we also have a collection of ready-to-go products to choose from.

Today, Au Lac is a woman-owned, women-led organization with Mai, our owner and Managing Director, based in the UK, and Huong, our Production Manager, along with  Hong, our Sample Developer leading our design support and quality control departments in Hanoi. In addition, our network of 300 artisans is comprised of approximately 80% women with decades of experience working with a wide selection of materials and skills. Over the years, this has proved a great asset to our clients, helping them continuously bring distinct collections to market.